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How to carve a pumpkin

6:58pm Thursday 16th October 2014 content supplied by Netmums


How to carve a pumpkin - easy steps

With some assistance from Undley Pumpkin Patch we've put together some top tips on how to carve a pumpkin...take a look at our gallery and be inspired!

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When to carve: Pumpkins can start going soggy quite soon after they are carved so leave it as late as possible.  

Top Tip: some members have suggested smearing your pumpkin with vaseline might help it last longer.


Show us your carved Halloween pumpkins

We'd love to see your carved Halloween pumpkins. Why not upload a photo and show us how you got on? Carving a Halloween pumpkin is no mean feat so well done if you managed it!

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Netmums members say...

Jeanette E

It is worth investing in a scoop, sold at most supermarkets in their pumpkin carving kits, as this makes scooping out the inside a lot easier. Also to carve make a template on paper (if you look on the internet there are loads of pattens) and stick it to the outside of the pumpkin. Then prick through the paper with a cocktail stick into the pumpkin, remove the paper and this gives you the pattern to cut, we managed to buy a small saw in a carving kit years ago and this makes it so much easier. Have fun!

Frances B

The trick is to make sure all the flesh is out. The skin doesn't rot at anything like the spead and outside means they won't rot much at all.

Mary B

Light the candle first and drip some melted wax into the bottom of the pumpkin...then use this to glue down your candle or tea light and make it more secure. 

Sarah J

Glow sticks popped inside a pumpkin can provide a spooky and eery effect too.

Nicola L

There is a tradition here to line your front step with lit up pumpkins if you are happy for trick or treaters to pop round - looks fab too with pumpkins [halloween pumpkin] all lit up at the doors.

Sally T

Last year we saw some fab pumpkins where people had carved a mouth and then arranged the pumpkin seeds to look like they were being 'spewed' out!.  We thought it was something a bit different and it did make us stop and laugh!

Does it have to be a pumpkin?

The Irish and Scots hollowed out turnips originally. But when they emigrated to America they found that pumpkins were far more plentiful and easier to carve than turnips. So the Jack-O-Lantern in America was a hollowed-out pumpkin. In some parts of Scotland people carve out turnips instead of pumpkins - this takes a long time though.



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