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Brad Pitt to shoot latest film, Fury, at Bovingdon Airfield

By Claire Maxwell

5:20pm Tuesday 27th August 2013

Brad Pitt to shoot latest film in Bovingdon

Villagers might find themselves bumping into Brad Pitt in the coming months, when he begins filming in Bovingdon.

The American actor will be playing the part of a tank commander in a new film called Fury, which is set to be filmed at Bovingdon Airfield. The film will also star Transformers actor, Shia LeBeouf.

Crews are currently building a German village set.

It is thought that filming will start at the end of September and the film will be released in 2014.



S/O man says...
6:34pm Tue 27 Aug 13

if anyone thinks that they may bump into him at the local costcutter, think again, he will get people to get items for him and he will be flown in by helicopter from maybe the Grove.

watfordrick says...
8:18pm Tue 27 Aug 13

No way Brad is one of our own and he fights like a ****!

watfordrick says...
8:19pm Tue 27 Aug 13

Shocked **** has been censored!

Andrew Turpie says...
12:35pm Wed 28 Aug 13

The first rule of Brad Pitt to shoot latest film, Fury, at Bovingdon Airfield, is we don't talk about Brad Pitt to shoot latest film, Fury, at Bovingdon Airfield.

EU_OUT_NOW says...
3:39pm Thu 5 Sep 13

watfordrick wrote:
Shocked **** has been censored!
It's a profanity filter, it will filter out whatever words are listed in the software..... Try using * or + to disguise the word.

EU_OUT_NOW says...
3:44pm Thu 5 Sep 13

I suppose the gypsies who want to come to Bovingdon will be helping Brad make his new movie?. Well at least they have plenty of caravans for the extras etc...

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